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My Little Man

For all I cherish I owe to him

My passion, my friendships and my whim

Without Tank I would not be a wife

Without Tank I would not have this life

A life full of meaning, a life full of fun

A life where he was always my number one

The journey has always been driven by my little man, so stubborn so strong so passionate

To have him in my life I have been so fortunate

For over a decade I have believed in dog

For over a decade I have known unconditional love

For over a decade I have had my best friend but soon enough his life must end

I will suffer and I will cry, but in vain he will not die

My boy, my handsome little man, for you I am your number one fan

I can never repay you for the meaning you gave my life but I will carry you with me always in my heart

Remembering you outside of needing your cart

To once again roll in the grass so freely as you did, cuddle in bed right next to my head

Never to be forgotten, never considered a loss, for you my Tank you will remain my boss

Through life I will travel until my end knowing that you were always my best friend

Tank, The Soul of Sinnott



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In the "About Us" section you will find out all about how Tank was the foundation to Sinnott Boxers. His AKC registered name was G.I. Jo's Tank, named after my beloved Aunt Josephine Sinnott. There are not enough or the right words to explain what this dog meant to me. Because of him I met my husband, was able to create and succeed at building a very successful pet care business and of course he is the reason I have decided to become a breeder, so I can start to fix what ails this breed. I connected with this dog on so many levels that my dream is to produce dogs for which others will develop the same bond. Tank was stubborn, sassy, sweet, provocative and loving. He adored sun and lived for food. Warmth on a cold day (next to food) was his favorite thing and he was my buddy, my pal, my boy.


Our tight bond began at only 8 weeks old. I had just been promoted to store manager and worked a 12 hr shift. Then to miss the last bus home from Harvard square, I walked another 4 miles. So 14 hours later during which time my neighbor said he didn't get to him, I came home to a clean puppy. No mess, no craziness, only pangs of guilt. I let him out in the back yard and after a huge pee he came over calmly to lick my tears. I felt terrible for leaving him so long and he chose to console me. It was that day that my best friend became a dog and no other has climbed into my heart quite like him. When my neighbor wanted to breed his dog to Tank, and I had the chance to have him again, I jumped at the possibility. Tank was everything Boxer except oddly he was tiny. Weighing in at 45lbs, he was a petite little love that I miss dearly. I owe my life's journey to this dog, for everything I love and cherish came from him, gratitude does not begin to explain what I have for him. 


Tank passed from a debilitating disease called degenerative myelopathy. His son Dozer actually acquired it first. Leading to paralysis and absolute heartbreak, DM is a disease in which Sinnott Boxers vows to eradicate. There is still much to learn about the mutation but we will perpetually breed away from it as well as other diseases that plague our pals. 

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