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What to do with your Boxer

The list could be easily shortened if I wrote; "what you can't do with your Boxers" because there really isn't much!


Rescue Work, Nose work, conformation, agility, coursing ability, rally, obedience, barn hunting, dock diving, Frisbee, IPO, herding it just keeps going! These are just some of the formal activities.


My dogs and I have climbed Mt. Washington, run on many beaches, ate at several dog friendly restaurants, stayed in tons of pet friendly hotels, traveled the Eastern Seaboard, swam in the Chesapeake Bay, swam in rivers up in Vermont, ran across countless fields and pounded pavement in some great cities. Pretty much where we go, they go.


Boxers certainly belong in the house and if they get their way, in your bed but please make certain they have the chance every day to be a dog. They need to run, they need a job and they need guidance to be your best dog.


The AKC's website is a great place to start to look around at the options available to you but please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have about activities you can do with your Boxer. The list is too long to place here but we are always here to help you find fun things to do with your pup.


*While we strongly encourage training from the time your puppy comes to your home, please make certain that it is age appropriate. Activities like hiking, agility, lure coursing and dock diving are vigorous forms of exercise that often include repetitive movements, we always want to caution people to go easy with puppies until they are at least 12-18 months old. By this age their bone plates are sealing and they are at less risk for injury than a puppy. At any age however dogs can get injured, always keep your pup in shape with daily exercise and build up the endurance gradually. 'Weekend warriors", those that only do activities on the weekend are more susceptible to injury as their bodies do not remain in condition. You don't jump out of bed ready to run a marathon in the morning so don't expect your dog to be able to do the same (despite a Boxer always seemingly ready to do so).

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