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Dozer, An agile life cut too short 2003-2011


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Dozer's life was cut too short by the early onset (6 yrs old) of  a debilitating disease called degenerative myelopathy. Unfortunately both Tank and Dozer were bred before the discovery of the genetic mutations for this disease and therefore prevention was not possible. We could only use the knowledge available and learn how to avoid this in all our future breedings.


But Dozer should not be known as our dog that introduced us to the dooms of DM. He should be remember for his amazing heart, soul and complete devotion. He was a very kind-hearted dog, never demanding like his father. He gently asked for love, kindly begged for the ball to be thrown and was always up for anything.


Dozer could jump to amazing heights, well above my head from standing and while I never did formal agility training or competitions with him, it is because of Dozer we now do competition agility with any of our dogs that show a love for it. Dozer would have been the best!


Dozer taught us to never take life for granted, never pass up an opportunity to run and jump, never pass up on love and always chase the ball. He was happiest on a beach playing a great game of chase and it didn't matter if it was mid-January, he would go in the water for the ball.


Dozer was part of my first experience breeding, I watched him take his first breath and his last, and it happened too quickly. Bubby DiDi as we called him left a huge whole in our hearts but we carry his spirit on through Boxer athletics. We thank him for all of his love and contribution to our Boxer family and are grateful he is reunited with his father who was also his best friend, as they part from us in life they reconnect in death.

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