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Breeding not expected until 2025, we are focusing on training and performance 


When we are able to accept applications, please do not apply unless you are considering training with your Boxer puppy. We produce best friends first but these dogs are working dogs from proven working lines.  We strive for homes that will love and work with our dogs to build an amazing bond and allow a Boxer to be everything Boxer.  



All applicants will receive emails regarding any available pups on a first come first serve basis and dependent upon your application submission. We really want to thank you for your interest in our dogs. We take great pride in breeding your best friend.


Sinnott Boxers provides health guarantees as well as warranties against health and genetic defects in our dogs. We believe in building relationships with our puppy/dog purchasers in order to help continue to produce healthy, sound Boxers.


We do our very best to make certain that puppies leaving our home have the best opportunity to excel in yours. We perform early neurological stimulation and the rule of seven to expose them at the right time to the right parts of our world. We also temperament test to match the right dog for the right family using the Volhard testing.


Puppies are raised on a species appropriate diet (raw), are exposed to all normal household items (vacuums, dishes, other loud household noises) as well as agility equipment, children of various ages and other dogs prior to leaving our home. 

“You’re not just putting puppies on the ground. You’re putting relationships in the world.”

- The Puppy Culture

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