CH Belco's Kiss My Grizz x Brush Hill's Thrill Of It All


Currently Ranked 1st in Power Score 16" preferred through Bad Dog Agility (then of course puppies!)


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Little Debbie Snack Cake had no idea the shoes she was filling, nor did we have any idea she would find them to fill. While Tank is the soul of Sinnott, Debbie is the foundation. Not only is she the first dog to carry our name, she is the first to produce our line and future.


Debbie is everything Boxer and encompasses the best parts of all our dogs. She's a very hard worker, a clown, a love bug and a sweetheart. She's fearless and never tires. Her passion is agility but just like her children, she has drive to chase that is seriously innate. While coursing ability does not take the skill of agility, it accentuates her drive and ambition to run hard, run fast and run fun.


Whether in the agility ring or the backyard she lives and loves to run. Her courses are done smoothly and without effort when I can guide her correctly. After a hard day of running, she knows how to nap and of course snuggle in a ball on the couch.


Debbie was an AMAZING mother to her litter of 7 she had in November of 2015. She passed on her spirit and stamina to her Boxers babies, that is for sure! She's got it all and she has our hearts so we hope to share versions of her with other people.


Debbie is ARVC and DM clear among her other good health checks. To view some of her clearances please click here


Click here for Debbie's pedigree

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