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Debbie's PACH

I would like to introduce you to PACH CH Brush Hill's Debutante At Sinnott MXP2 MJP4 MJPB XFP T2BP PAX CAA CGC TKN RATI 🤗.

This preferred agility championship is the culmination of a dream brought to life by determination and community. The agility community fostered this possibility and within that community are the trainers that helped make this happen. Grace Buzanoski for our absolute beginning and introduction to running contacts. They have been the hardest to train but we prevailed! Christie-Lee Hunt McNamara for letting a novice handler into an advanced class and letting me learn as I go. I didn't know what a "Go" command was or an "Out" but we figured it out and learned from one of the best. Thank you for your unwavering patience for my constant questions at trials. For your practical, logical and clear training. For years of learning the best lines and having the privilege to watch you run Winee in the same class. For helping me troubleshoot through Debbie stress, my stress and for all the amazing stories. Then thanks to Terri Arnold for literally stepping up our game, spinning what I knew on a different axis, teaching me the ass-pass, blinds, getting ahead of my dog, looking at the obstacle and getting my head to focus on my feet!

Most importantly, massive thanks goes to my husband, Gerard Armour for not only tolerating me spending the amount I have on this adventure but for the insanely early morning wake-ups to help all the dogs and me out the door.

Then there is Debbie, a dog of a lifetime, 2 amazing litters, a finished conformation champion, titles in other sports and literally my best friend. I never thought my very first Boxer, my soul dog Tank could have another stand in his place of importance and while Debbie doesn’t replace him, she wrote her own massive chapter in my life. She drives me to get up, get out and get the job done. She plays hard, works harder and has put up with my learning while she mastered the skills. She has saved me constantly and is the best dog to run beside. I am so grateful for her and the Boxer babies she has bestowed, each one carrying a piece of her into the world.

We made it through surgeries, mine, and two of hers, heats, puppies, endless weekends in the conformation ring, CAT's, FCAT's, barn hunt etc. Agility is a wonderful journey, one I knew so little about and had no idea would take me to the places I have been, put my body through the hell it's been through and allowed me to meet the most amazing people in the world.

Thank you to each and every person that has been on this journey with me. I share this with you. Special thanks to the Granite State Shetland Sheepdog Club and judge Kendall Fairchild who threw down some of the TOUGHEST courses I have ever run in competition. To get our final QQ on his courses was a feat all on its own.

PACH boxer
Debbie's PACH pic

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