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Hancock's Stryke of a New Day CAA "Artie"

CH Winmere only Time will Tell ex Brush Hill's Somethin's Sweet M 'N M


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Artie was our first pup purchased post DM and we are proud to say he is only a carrier, meaning he will not contract the disease. He also is clear for the gene responsible for ARVC in Boxers.


Artie carries the same insane passion that Dozer did for the ball only it's mostly applied to the Frisbee; his favorite thing in life. Artie would pass up on a snuggle or even a pet but would never pass up on his fris. One thing that might make him pass up a fris would be to see his first best friend Tank again. While Tank in his older years tolerated Artie and taught him many things, Artie admired Tank. We are so grateful that Artie got to meet such a wonderful dog who helped shape Artie as an amazing puppy.


While he proved to be extremely agile, Artie needs some confidence to surpass his fear of the seesaw and stay on course in agility. He wont pass up on jumping on or over any item we ask and despite being a Boxer, he is extremely well controlled in making certain he does not jump up when not asked.


A gentle giant with an adoration for children, Artie becomes a wiggly sweet mess around them. He's a snuggle bug in the morning but once up and out for the day, its Frisbee or bust!


Artie has his 2nd title in Coursing Ability Test, hence the CAA and goes mental at the sound of the generator that is used to pull the rope around the course. He could have the highest title times 10 easily but we have found it difficult to tame the beast that comes out when he is ready to chase the lures.


Artie is a sweet man that is most comfortable in his own home keeping away the delivery men and notifying us when the neighbor arrives home. Unlike his house sister Debbie, he is less governed by food and enjoys sleeping in in the mornings. He starts every day with a good upside down roll on the bed and some face burying in your blankets.


Artie does have low thyroid which we have been treating with meds but have seen no improvement in his aggression towards dogs. His thyroid levels are now ok but will need to be checked annually. His AKC registration number is WS39375305 and he is registered with the Barn Hunt Association as well.  Artie is tough in the cold so he weathers well. He is a TERRIFIC traveler, loves to go on car rides, long or short and LOVES to swim in any body of water. He never counter surfs and never gets into trouble in the home. He is great off leash only if you can be certain there are no other dogs around and is trained in basic obedience as well as agility. Artie is also a trained pet CPR & first aid demo dog, he has been videoed being muzzled, wrapped for bleeds and used to illustrate how to do compressions. He allows humans to touch him anywhere and trusts his people completely. He is very eager to please and is sensitive to disappointment. He makes the absolute best friend and gives the softest kisses. Artie does get bursts of energy and would likes a yard that he could run in to chase Frisbees or even by himself. He loves to throw sticks up to himself and on a hot day, find some cool grass to roll in. He does not do well on any foods with beef, lamb or venison but can eat and do well on chicken, duck and rabbit. He does not destroy toys but likes to have variety. He is great on leash but does get strong headed about sniffing something and will pull to that item but heals nicely the majority of the time.


While Tank's departure certainly left a hole in Artie's heart, it was easily filled with his bestie Debbie. While she ruled the roost despite her lack in size, Artie allows it willingly. She will play when he wants (or not) and always adds an extra challenge to playing Frisbee in that she likes to help bring it back. Unfortunately, Debbie is the only one Artie can be trusted around.


Artie, he's had some challenges with other pups and will never sire a litter but he has stolen our hearts.


March 2016

My husband Gerard and I have had the absolute joy of spending 4 years with one of the sweetest Boxers we have ever had the pleasure to meet and as pet care professionals that specialize in Boxers we have worked with hundreds! Unfortunately about 2 years ago, despite being raised in and around all breeds of dogs including Boxers, Artie decided that he was uncomfortable around other dogs and would start fights with them. His triggers could be space, pressure, food, doorways, us, it doesn't seem to matter and a new one would emerge every time a new dog came around. While we have tried to manage this through training, meeting with behaviorists, crate rotation, medical testing, medication, exercise discipline, classes and a reduction in boarding business to keep Artie more comfortable in his own home; we have come to the realization that Artie is not comfortable in his own home.

He has adored his housemate Debbie, and she came into his life just before his switch flipped. There is a possibility that she may be the catalyst for his random aggression towards other dogs. Either way it has become obvious that while we are deeply in love with him and he with us, our home is not a happy place for him due to the revolving dogs. We have explored many options, continuing to manage him in crates is possible but not ideal. Artie is very well crate trained and goes in on his own accord but he enjoys time with people, lounging on a couch or just snuggling in a bed. He is not a kennel dog and we have painstakingly decided to find a dog-free home where he can receive all the attention.


In general Artie is aloof but kind, he’s strong but incredibly sweet and he needs a human to share his life with. He needs a couch to warm and a human to snuggle at night, a Frisbee toss and someone that can keep him happily away from dogs. His own head is confused because he seems to love dogs but is unpredictable around them. He can be very well controlled on leash around dogs, is not leash reactive and oddly more relaxed on a leash as well as predictable. Walking on leash with another dog is completely fine but he should never be off leash around another dog.  He is extremely loyal to his people and looks forward to being someone’s soulmate.
This is where my husband and I ask for your help. If you are or know any single people, couples, families or elderly couples that would love an adult, very well trained male neutered Boxer please share Artie with them. We are looking to keep him in visiting range but the best home is most important.


He's a love, he's a mush and he has been our world for 4 years. This breaks our heart but in order for Artie to enjoy the rest of his life, he needs to be in a home without revolving dogs. He needs stability and comfort. Anyone could continue his agility training or do obedience with him.  He has trialed in agility but needs more training and confidence.


Please share with anyone you know that would open their homes and hearts to our wonderful big boy, visitors welcomed.


Thank you for helping Artie be happier.

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